Scientific research method in Modern Physics

The most considerable degradation of the scientific research method in Physics comes from the theories of the last generation, RG and QM, regardless of the utility.

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Author: José Tiberius



4.a.4. Scientific research method of Modern Physics

If the methodology in General Physics has problems with some concepts, in Modern Physics, the examples are more abundant, such as those from the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. The book on the Theory of Relativity, Elements, and Criticism thoroughly discussed numerous problems.

It is not that the Theory of Relativity of Einstein is false, but it has some relatively correct and some reasonably inappropriate aspects. Above all else, it is one of the theories that most complicate the knowledge of reality and the progress of science.

As it was expected, the maximum exponent of the degradation of the scientific research methods occurs in the theories of the last generation that give the impression of struggling to see which one says something more surprising. It is the consequence of engaging the usefulness as the philosophical essence of the scientific method.

It is also true that analyzing the history of physics, many things are understood and why it has changed its name throughout history. In other words, the causes may be deeper and respond to reasonable but unspeakable interests.

At least, it is encouraging when the scientific community declares the Theory of Relativity incompatible with Quantum Mechanics.

Let us debate some aspects related to the scientific methodology concerning Modern Physics.



  • Theory of General Relativity

    It is not easy to understand why a theory that unnaturally and quite radically breaks away from such basic concepts like time and space came to be accepted.

    It is revealing that with a relativistic philosophy, one can come to generalize the behavior of light on Earth to the whole universe. This behavior repeats in other branches of science –the human egocentrism is incredibly persistent.

    In a sense, Albert Einstein’s GR at the beginning of the past century had an opposite facet the theory of Natural Selection 50 years before. While Darwin’s theory ruled out any aspect having to do with life and its very own will.

    Perhaps due to a reaction, guilt complex of the scientific community in the face of an excessive coldness of science, or pure interest, the Theory of Relativity enforced characteristics of life onto itself.

    On the one hand, it fitted Lorentz’s mathematical formulas of relative positioning. On the other hand, since no one understood it, it looked very posh, and seemed to respond to something very complicated; the individual variation of the perception of time in real life or the possible real variations of internal time, which is dealt with by the online book Equation of Love.

    The Special Theory of  Relativity, despite having mathematical ideas that allowed a significant advance in science during the past century, it contains a series of physics assumptions entirely erroneous.

    Beyond the relative relativities of time and space, due to being abstract concepts, TR affirms time and space depend on each observer and speed, implying different times and spaces exist simultaneously and in the same place.

    There is so much emphasis on the maximum speed of light that it applies to theoretical speeds like separation speed and arbitrary reference systems. In addition, when applied to thought experiments, which are impossible to prove empirically, the results can be consistent with any philosophical theory.

    In short, quite a few strange things can occur, and they do happen because of an excessive philosophical and mathematical influence on physics.

    The Theory of Relativity goes to the extreme of introducing watches that, starting from the same measurement, end up showing different times, and arguing it is not due to a measurement error. How impressive and bold!

    Logic concepts are essential and not complicated formulas because if the research method abandons the first, the second gives us absolutely nothing, nothing that we can understand.

    Einstein’s Theory of Relativity gets lost in formulas for some satisfactory results, which, without doubt, collect together real rules on nature’s behavior. However, conceptually they utterly mix up due to the mathematical veil.

    The name scientific research method actually should be the technical research method because it will create technical advances. At the same time, the conceptual knowledge vanishes to the point that hardly could be scientific knowledge.

    Time and space are pure conventions and nor wrong, neither right. Classical time does not alter by any means except changing the convention. To add the correct aspects of TR to classical Physics, there was not a need to change the convention of time and space.

    Corridor asylum - Van Gogh (Public domain image)
    Corridor in the asylum -Van Gogh- as a situation sometimes of science before socio-political interests.

    Expressions such as space-time continuum, the speed of time, gravity as a geometric effect, or constant change of units of measurement of the entire International System do not seem the most adequate for something calling itself a scientific research method. More comments about this issue are in the books on Global Physics.

  • Quantum Mechanics

    Quantum Mechanics takes an even bolder step in frightening neurons than the Theory of General Relativity.

    Some new concepts are hard to grasp, but the idea that the cat is alive and dead at the same time is exceptionally awkward to imagine as an example related to the research method.

    It is tolerable when something is unknown that the principle of uncertainty applies, but that the effect of the physical phenomenon could precede its cause even makes the neurons get up and dance poH piH.

    Likewise, the concept of being in two places at the same time should exhaust the patience of the scientific methodology.

    Now then, Quantum Mechanics have a peculiar characteristic, its incompatibility with relativity. At the same time, the academia repeats countless times throughout a century that the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are both truthful; it must be a paradox instead of a scientific affirmation.

  • The String Theory

    Without a doubt, the prize goes to the String Theory with its suit of tailor-made dimensions.

    The great idea is since it is unknown where the mass-energy goes when absorbed by a black hole the creation of two dozen additional dimensions where everything is possible.  Once solved the issue of unification, surely there are available dimensions in case of absolute necessity, for example, to explain a white fountain or a neuron star.

    Just as well, they cannot empirically prove it. However, it is curious why not, if there is evidence that space stretches and that time contracts, then it is possible to prove anything.

    On the other hand, String Theory could mean a basic way of investigation without giving any explanation to anyone.



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