Possible support of electromagnetic waves

Concept of electromagnetic waves and wave-corpuscle duality. The electromagnetic interaction of the physical structure of gravity. Stages of photon propagation.

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Author: José Tiberius

Technical assistant:
Susan Sedge, Physics PhD from QMUL  



2.c) LUM Aether (Luminiferous, universal, and mobile) as a property of the Global Aether

The theory of Global Physics is an interpretation of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity. It is a non-relativistic theory, but it incorporates some concepts of the Theory of Relativity. We can cite the Mach principle, the equivalence E = mc² of Olinto de Pretto, the double gravity on the energy –initially formulated by Paul Gerber with the formula of the orbit of Mercury 20 years before Einstein–, and the Lense-Thirring drag effect on electromagnetic energy that allows maintaining the classic time and space.

According to Global Mechanics, electromagnetic waves are transverse waves of a “mechanical nature” on LUM Aether (Luminiferous, universal, and mobile) –gravity field or tension of longitudinal curvature of the reticular structure of matter.

We have also seen that the Global Aether is the reticular structure of matter supporting potential gravitational energy, mass, kinetic energy, and contributing consistency to the Mach principle.

In other words, the Global Aether is the supporting medium of LUM Aether (Luminiferous, universal, and mobile).

The concept of photon and electromagnetic wave is very delicate in the theory of Modern Physics because of the known wave-particle duality of light.

The double-slit experiment carried out by Thomas Young in 1803 established the wave-like nature of light when he obtained patterns of interference and diffraction in the propagation of electromagnetic waves.

On another hand, the photoelectric effect explained by Einstein in 1905 shows the particle-like or corpuscular nature of photons when it proves that the absorption of light and electromagnetic waves discretely takes place –quanta of light– with a constant of proportionality, which takes the value of the Planck constant.

Nevertheless, we would say that all this was exaggerating the contradictions to raise a scientific discipline artificially. How could one think of a wave that does not have a material nature? Perhaps it would have a spiritual nature. Is not energy property of matter? The phenomenon in the XIX century and at the beginning of the XX century regarding the nature of the light is similar to that of the current Quantum Mechanics phenomenon; the barriers of science have softened. Religion and magic are everywhere.

The photoelectric effect shows that the particle nature of light is discrete and not continuous or, more precisely, that the transverse elasticity of LUM Aether as a support of the electromagnetic interaction seats on physical mechanisms of a discrete nature.

Considering the filaments of Global Aether are unbreakable, and consequently, the continuous nature of matter, we will have to incorporate a new property of Global Aether to implement the coherence of the model with electromagnetic wave propagation.

The filaments of Global Aether will have internal elements that we could call elastocytes, which would have a unique elastic property. The elastocytes are continually vibrating to support their internal energy and to allow both the elasticity of the longitudinal curvature of the gravitational interaction and the transmission of a transversal torsion or a twist from a minimum unit of energy in the electromagnetic interaction. In the opposite case, or when the excess of torsion does not reach an additional minimum unit, the energy of torsion would reflect.

Perhaps a filament between two vertices of a reticule of Global Aether is what configures an elastocyte, apart from its great longitudinal elasticity.

We will attempt to present the physical life of a photon in the different stages of the electromagnetic interaction in a simplified way. Nevertheless, the concept of a photon will not be complete without understanding the context of the whole model, especially regarding the magnetic field and electromagnetism in general. In other words, all the concepts of the structure of matter, in its different phases or stages of physical matter, relate to each other. A more intuitive view will be available once we get to know the complete elastic model on the physical reality of Global Mechanics.

Some new concepts are hard to accept because of the substantial variation or change in current paradigm. The concept of the electromagnetic wave or photon is something without mass or physical entity, and its propagation goes through space where there is nothing at all. Although lately, this idea is weakening, some people find it difficult to substitute nothingness with something unknown. Perhaps, in this case, it will not be so difficult for our minds to exchange such a null concept for something more tangible or intuitive.

To get closer to the new concept of photon or electromagnetic wave, and without the intention of carrying out an exact description of the new paradigm of physics, let us see the three consecutive stages of the life of a photon: creation, electromagnetic wave propagation and the collapse of the mechanical wave:



  • Initial torsion of the magnetic wave

    The origin of the electromagnetic wave propagation is a spatial variation of the LUM Aether (Luminiferous, universal, and mobile) and, consequently, of Global Aether, which provokes a torsion mechanism, deforming its filaments, described on the previous pages, due to the property of transverse elasticity.

    Transversal elasticity LUM Aether (Luminiferous, universal, and mobile)
    LUM Aether and mechanism of electromagnetic waves propagation as transverse waves of gravity's structure.

    The figure shows the characteristic shape of a beam or a polyurethane bar when we apply torsion at one end, and it cannot release the transversal tension because its other end is secure.

    Afterward, the electromagnetic interaction will become more complicated because of the movements of Global Aether of atomic nuclei and the formation of mass, especially the mass of electrons.

The propagation of transverse mechanical waves and the collapse of the electromagnetic wave are in the following section.