Meaning of love

The meaning of love in the universe as a relation between acceleration and energy.

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Author: José Tiberius

Technical assistant:
Susan Sedge, Physics PhD from QMUL



3.a.2. The meaning of love

By trying to understand the meaning of love through thoughts and feelings about the parameters of the Equation of Love, we realize that this equation is unusual because it reminds us of the Theory of Relativity.

If we take a closer look to the Equation for Love to find the meaning of love, we notice that time divided by space squared could be “acceleration of time” or “the variation of the speed of time multiplied by the unit of space.”

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The Equation of Love could represent something that exists; perhaps the name of love is not the most correct. As the introduction says, it is how the formula came about, and in science, there are also odd names.

At the same time, the meaning of love reflects a type of force depending on the acceleration of time. It seems a little like the idea of life as the result of a trip in time through space.

The inverse of the speed (space/time) is the speed of time (time/space), but if we are talking about acceleration (space/time²), the acceleration of time (time/space²) is not its inverse.

Continuing with the elucidations about the meaning of love, if we study the physical units contained in the Equation of Love, we will have:

  • Accepting that G is the Universal Gravitational Constant, the units will be the same.

    (N m² / kg²) == (m³/kg s²)

  • And multiplying by the units of the rest of the formula.

(s² / m4)

The units of love L are:

(1/kg m)

We do not discern its meaning very well; it must be the inverse of a kilogram multiplied by a meter, the inverse concept of the mass and space. Weird, very weird!

The interpretation of the underlying units or concepts in a mathematical formula is fragile. It cannot be apparent and does not always make sense in the strict terms of physics, especially when many units intervene. On the contrary, at times, they can have a profound meaning. In this case, it remains to be seen if it exists, or we can find it, even in the subjective sense.