3.a) Universal Love

There are many ways of understanding love: the love between parents and children, between other family relations, friendship, respect, the sexual love, the love for things, and other feelings of love.

The concept that includes the common element of all these types of love is that which best represents the so-called Universal Love, which stands out precisely for not referring to anything in particular.

The only antidote for the egocentrism of pure reason is Love.

There is an interesting parallelism between Universal Love and the attraction of gravity. Both forces are general, natural, invisible, and powerful. It is the enigma of the gravity of love.

Universal love (Public domain image)
Red hearts

On some occasions, I had thought about the possible parameters of the Equation of Love as a mental relaxation exercise, but I never thought that anything more could come of these mathematical games than a precious moment with the Universal Love. Well, perhaps I thought so, you never know!

However, when the mathematical Equation of Love occurred to me, I realized that some of the parameters were interesting. Moreover, that they had a particular physical significance and, finally, when I linked the Love Equation by substitution with Einstein’s equation E = m c² –originally from Olinto de Pretto–, and the result was Newton’s formula for gravity, it left me a little perplexed.

It appeared the enigma of the gravity of love again.

So I decided to try to expose this particular enigma of the world of love to disorient someone some more.


3.a.1. Equation of Love

The first thing I thought about the parameters of the Equation of Love was that it should have a constant “K” as in the formula for the gravity acceleration; in fact, if there was a formula for love it should be quite similar since in a certain way it is a kind of energy, force or attraction.

The second idea was that this constant could be negative or positive; apparently, at times the force of attraction is repulsion.

Rose made of galaxies UGC 1813 NASA
STScI-Hubble Team
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Rose made of Galaxies

By observing life, one realizes that one becomes somewhat close not just to people but things as well, in short, love is a journey together in space and time.

Therefore, the gravity of love, friendship, and attraction will have a directly proportional relation with time, the more time spent together, the more love there is.

Regarding space, the operation would be the opposite: the closer, the better except in the cases of a negative constant that would be the contrary. Also, it could be that this inverse operation was its square, especially seeing the history of similar formulas.

Consequently, the Equation of Love will be quite similar to:

L = K t / s ²

If we wanted to eliminate the possibility of the constant K being negative, to feel better about the beauty of the equation, we would have nothing more than to increase to the square of the whole equation, so that we will have:

L² = K² t² / s4

Since K² still a constant we can call it G. Regarding its value and units, I have no idea what they are, but we can assume that they are the same as those of the Universal Gravity Constant of the law of Newton because of the relation between gravity and love.

At the time, it was just a beautiful game with the enigma gravity of love. The Equation of Love looks right, which is why it is universal; later, we will see the usefulness of this assumption.

We can also define L as L², with which we will finally be left with:

Equation of Love

Where G = 6.67 * 10-11  (m³/kg s²) or (N m² / kg²)