How I have realized that hell exists and is red.

Now I will describe a true horror story, including a ghost, about how I discovered, or better, how I felt and understood that hell exists and that it is a red concept that represents a great desire for justice for cowards who without limits take advantage of week people.


    Once upon a time there was a technician and a real ghost who volunteered to do a small job for free. I thought he was obligated to do it, but I said nothing. Time went by, and the promised job did not appear. For some reason, I guessed that the job consisted of more than just photocopying magic code and giving it to me.  The promised time went by, and the ghost’s job was noticeable in its absence.

    Red Hell Image

    I would say that the ghost was trying to obtain a disproportioned economic compensation, because days, weeks and months had gone by. So much time had passed that the ghost was somewhat ashamed to speak to me, but I insisted; more to investigate the situation than to obtain a result. With so much insistence and patience, the poor ghost finally gave me something like an incomplete page and badly done in HDP.

    Finally, this real ghost story made me understand something that I had been denying all my life: hell exists. It is not easy to think of a crime whose punishment should be the eternal red fire.  He who takes advantage or tries to take advantage without limits of other people’s ignorance, the only fair punishment would precisely be hell, because it also has no limits.

    At the same time, the real ghost story of this gate to hell justifies the need for compassion, to not with for eye for eye and to settle on eye for tooth.

    Also, in the true story, I myself wrote the code that I needed, a couple of A4 pages, slightly correcting the HDP language that I had received. It was a language unknown to me up until that point, and by the way, rather primitive.


Even if this real ghost horror story about what hell is is not an exception, I don’t consider it the general case at all.

It is not that I now believe that hell exists in a physical reality. I also do not believe that hell is red, but I understand the concept and the reason behind real ghosts angry at the true story of whoever first defined their characteristics. Even more, I suppose that another real ghost story was around…

Even so, I must be grateful to this real story’s ghost for his inspiration for my understanding that the red hell is just a biblical concept and I hope that I am never the cause of any such inspirations.

Anyway, one thing is to understand the sentiment behind what hell is and another completely is to wish it seriously. Another biblical concept and an important roman right is proportional punishment, so instead of punishing the inspirational ghosts to the eternal fire, we could send them to the red purgatory with a couple of million years ahead of them. So they learn!

So hell exists and it is red. Are there still any sceptics?