Spring story: The Sun, the Clouds and the Stars

The online spring story for children describes in a simple way the marvel of the Sun and the stars when the clouds go away, at day or night time.

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Author: José Tiberius




Because of the content of elements of climate, like the Sun, the clouds, the rain, and the stars, the temporal sequence can be classified into the category of spring stories.

In this case, in addition to the cited description, it is interesting to note that in the whole of the tale, the stars are not mentioned even though they are in the title. Notwithstanding, the telling of the passing of the days and how the sky changes will provoke either questions or explanations of what happens when the same circumstances are present and instead of being during the day it is night.

In other words, the concepts of day, night and stars are also intimately related with this spring story and that is why we chose to include the stars in the title of this bedtime story for babies.



By Caroline Sedgwick

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a country where it was always raining, raining and raining; downpours of rain all day, every day, for years and years and years. And there lived a little boy, in a little house on the mountain, with his Daddy and his dog.

He was nine years old and every day of his life, it had rained and rained, all day and all night.

Can you imagine it always raining and always being wet?

People were always telling him that, before he was born, there had been such a thing as a sun; this was a big, round, yellow thing, which gave warmth and light to everything and everybody and it always had a smile on its big, round, yellow face. And to see that smile on the sun, people would look at it and smile back at it.

Double sunrise that has like a small Sun and a large one

The little boy could not seem to picture the idea of a big, round, yellow, smiling face, as he had never seen one. And he couldn't believe that people could look at it and smile, because in his little village, nobody smiled; they all looked sad.

One day, the people began to comment that the skies seemed a little lighter. It was still raining and the black clouds were still there, hanging in the skies, but it did seem lighter.

The following day, people began to comment more, that it seemed to have rained less. The next day, it only rained for half the day. The next, it only drizzled and trickled. The next day, it stopped raining.

The following day, there were white clouds and not black ones. Next, there were bits of blue sky. Until suddenly, there were no clouds at all and a big, round, yellow thing sat heavily in the sky, giving warmth and light to everybody. And the people looked up at this thing and they smiled to see it because it had a big, beaming smile on its face.

 And the little boy sat up in bed and saw a thing he had heard in stories: a big, round, yellow thing up in the sky, with a smile on its face. "That must be the sun!" exclaimed the little boy, smiling back. And he ran into the streets and saw that everyone else was smiling.


And they all live happily ever after

And now…