Short tall tales

Short tall tales to reflect upon which have arrived at my little ears. A collection of thinking tall tales, very short and online about the relativity of reality.

Front cover of the PDF Original Fairy Tales for Children. Rag doll with lilac hair.




Author: José Tiberius




As I have commented previously in the introduction of the book Equation of Love, writing so many thinking stories or stories to reflect upon is turning into an unhealthy and vicious habit, but the worst thing is that there is a lot of fiction and some fact. Well, some or a lot or almost everything!

Trees reflected in a lake

Taking into account what one has to have, that is, the radical twists of my entire collection of master books, it is probable that all of us will be more inclined to laugh instead of actually thinking. At least everyone to whom I have spoken to about the project has not been able to avoid a big smile, what is there to do? The truth is that this is a good sign. I was expecting it as it also happens to me, above all when I think about having a lot of fiction and…!

In anticipation of the criticism or sarcastic praise which could be attributed to me, I have thought to enjoy myself as well by collecting some of the most agreeable short tall tales which have arrived at my tiny volcanic ears. As I have said, I see certain amusement in all these stories. Anyway, that way I can get rid of some bits of morbid criticism!

To cut a long story short, I hope you like this collection of very short tales that I have chosen to think about the rare relativity of reality of Don Magufo and the subjectivity of its circumstances.

I had forgotten, any other very short tall tale will be well welcomed if… it gives us something to think about.



  • The author is completely mistaken and is only here because one of his babes is the director of the editorial program.

  • Don Magufo is very hu-mind and distant forces, negative forces and other distinctive forces quickly exhaust his mental capacity for complex reasoning.

  • He is the spokesman of a Judea Masonic conspiracy to fool the whole world, with tall tales to reflect upon and false but easily demonstrated theories.

  • He has been taught everything he knows by Plutona, who is freezing to death and fed up with waiting for us to evolve.

  • He has just come out of the madhouse, after meeting the 300 year sentence of the rogues of the inquisition for thinking and reasoning, and has dedicated a relatively dark part of time to the preparation of a few manuscripts, after hoping that present times have slightly more freedom.

  • He sublimates the non sublimatable because he doesn’t know what else to do. (Although according to very reliable sources, it seems there are witnesses who view things differently)

  • He is very lucky because his unsubstantiated suspicions have been confirmed.

  • He is a messiah of no particular religion and has a great unreliable creativity. Because of this, he can proclaim that all religions are relatively true and will survive as long as they have followers.

  • In the guild of strip-theories he is said to be this millennium’s genius even though, however relative imaginary time may be, it seems to be accelerated to grant him the spermium award with only one triennium in the manicenium.

  • He dedicates himself to writing very short papyruses and tall tales to reflect upon due to a small decontrol or typically professional accident. Consequently he has an extraordinary, anticipated and capless pension, due to total, absolute, permanent and special incapacity.

  • Electra and her sisters Protona and Neutrona, who dominate time perfectly, have come to show him the mysteries and marvels of nature. Afterwards, they not only changed time but they gave him thirteen hours to relax before going back to his daily time because…

  • He is the most brilliant poet of the Plutonic style, which is characterized by conceptual rhymes; something like a mixture of divergent and convergent thoughts which show the beauty of the wild intelligence of love.

  • His real name is “Al Mansa XXI the Wise” and the most advanced point of natural technology will become more áabe than ce.

  • Einsotro, another alias of this author, thinks that Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are American tall tales and configure Quantum Logic because they delimit a minimum unit of logic and a rather tiny and discrete mental space.

  • The deconstantator who deconstantates most constant constants of Modern Frykics will be a good Einsotro.

  • Many misunderstandings think that the author is more pretentious than a webous trying to be funnious. Because of this, Globus rambles on the most, como el rey How King!

  • The viper tongues go about commenting on another very short tall tale; they comment that anybody, who doesn’t know Don Magufo, would think that he is right in what he says.

  • The same tongues say that Einsotro would derange anybody with his theoretical-practical language games like vini vidi dividi vinci.

Obviously this is a small representation of tales and popular phrases; and the list could be much longer and wider. For example, one could add the sentence vini vidi fiki vinci.