Mystery stories: Riddle of Grandmother Ino

Online riddle of the scary story and the mystery of the grandmother of experience. If experience is the mother of science, inexperience is the daughter of… a true mystery tale free.

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Author: José Tiberius




As other stories for children, the Story of Grandmother Ino was integrated into a science book and now has been put into this one.

The relevance fits into the play on words and concepts in the form of a riddle and a mystery story about experience as a special predecessor to the Theory of Relativity. The idea is to emphasize the lack of experience in Physics regarding the theory of gravitation at the beginning of the 20th century and the free fear that provokes certain initial errors remain till today.

At the same time, the cited evolution of Physics is used as a context to recreate an mystery story or a riddle of different degrees of kinship between experience and science.

The Story of Grandmother Ino is a collection of true stories. One story, about mothers and daughters, is cited with the permission of the marvellous Cristina; another story refers to the popular Spanish saying experience is the mother of science; and the last true story refers to the characteristics of the birth of Modern Physics.

Another characteristic of the story is that it belongs to the category of scary tales, because it refers to the grave faults in Modern Physics.



Talking about the potency of the phrase “experience is the mother of science” in the concrete theme of relativity with the grisly Alicia, she said “and inexperience is the daughter of…”

The riddle of grandmother Ino

So she was not only forming the mystery or the riddle in which it was the mother of inexperience, but she also raise the question as to whether there was any relation between said mother and science, or actual experience.

After a while in which there was mixed and united searching about said mystery, it occurred to me that it must be…

The grandmother of experience

The Theory of Special Relativity is a very bold theory; it appeared in the moment in which a branch of science couldn’t find the way to evolve, even more, it was going backwards, because laws that looked like they were unalterable stopped working with electromagnetism, phenomenon related to light or the fundamental structure of matter.

The total nonsense was completed with the experiment of Michelson-Morley in 1887. It was beginning to be urgent to find a way out of the embarrassing situation. Patience, which had never hid its relation to inexperience, began to be a scarce good.

To better situate ourselves in this scary story or tale, let us remember that the radioactive element Radio was discovered by the Curies in 1898 and the neutron in 1932.

The ideal conditions were there so that the birth would not be far away. The contractions of space and the dilations of time were more notorious each time. There was a great experience, direct consequence of love and the evolution of intelligence.

Also, the story of humans shows us that they have always had a slight obsession with whatever experience related to love, fear of death and any form of destroying the inexorable destiny that humble time imposes.

Thus, talking of mysteries and riddles, while we were wandering about, looking for the mother of inexperience, we realized that it was supposed to be the grandmother of experience and the great-grandmother of science. Even if it seems like it is the opposite, this is not a feminist or hembrist story, nor is a malist tale!

Inexperience is the grandmother of science

Suddenly, there appeared a theory that seemed like scientific-philosophical madness, the so-called experience of time wasn’t what it had been until then, nor was space, not even matter was saved; everything was relative to the observer and the glasses that they had on.

Certainly, philosophically speaking it was a very modern theory and very complicated mathematically, but the best thing was that it offered a way out to the evolution of basic physical science.

Inside its free madness, the new theory tied up loads of loose ends and there seemed to be no dark point, everything was light at the sea of sergeants were calm. Contrarily, because it was so complicated it was positive for captains and generals of the profession and time was clearly in its favor.

In little time there appeared new physical and mental experiments which would corroborated its predictions. Some of these said mental experiments were quite scary, because of their boldness from the scientific method point of view and because it looks like they don’t have any better experiments. They don’t!

Science began a new era of births and progresses in knowledge. It didn’t matter to pay the price of renouncing logic and losing the intuitive notion of physical reality; it was the other way around, all types of mysteries, uncertainties, extravagances and catlike paradoxes became fashionable.

Who would have thought that the number of lives cats have is relative to the language used: in Spanish they have seven lives and in English nine. Do they have eight in French? And in Arabic?

Another mathematic curiosity is that in these highly specific subjects, occasionally, the most seasoned and knowledgeable people of the details of the theory and those who had most experience were the ones with a clear tendency to study Languages. I suppose it was because of the stories and novels with scientific disclosure in science-fiction. Just so you know, I’m a super Trekie fan of Star Trek!

One mustn’t forget that the physicists run or hide so that people won’t ask them about… “Jean-Luc or Nambagua”; or so as to not start conversations with the emotional experts of the last paragraph.

A last factor which is also quite scary is that seized theory that is once accepted and demonstrated, the educational system and society in its entirety will tend to drag the errors for centuries and centuries, never better said! The majority don’t understand anything and the minority have done hard and relative exams about reality and their perception for every type of observers, that is, with mathematical telescopes and microscopes looking through the foggy of philosophy.

Innocence is the mother of experience

The solution to the mystery of the Story of Grandmother Ino or maternal-filial riddle is innocence. If we look at the scientific progress from the beginning of the last century and compare it with today’s, we’ll realize that in subjects of elemental particles, of light and of energy, it was rather primal and inexpert.

The solution to the mystery uncountable tales and stories of catlike Physics,
Value and Patience!