Made up story: The Pisi Fable

The original fable of Pisi is a made up story for kids that break things. The fable of the made up story consists of a few little lambs that are eaten by the computer Pisi.

Front cover of the PDF Original Fairy Tales for Children. Rag doll with lilac hair.




Author: José Tiberius




The central objective of this bedtime story is to educate and to convince children that the computer’s keyboard can be broken or spoiled if it is crushed savagely.

Because it is an educational story with a central message and some secondary messages we can classify it as a moral story.

Let it be noticed the style of the fable is very simple, with short sentences and rather elemental ideas, like obeying, breaking, mending, getting cross and technical collaboration.

In the true story of this fable the two children mistreated the keyboard of the computer and there was no way to avoid it.

The story is illustrated with photos of the real world, and one can verify that the boys were quite pleased with the game of Pac-man, there was almost an addiction to the computer. Games have always been the best way to learn.

This fable for children easily describes the social function of the technicians.



Once upon a time, in California,
in the West coast of America,
 there lived a family of sheep;
the daddy was called Carnero and the mummy Oveja
 and they had a lot of little lambs,
so many that they didn’t know exactly how many.

One day, the daddy, Carnero,
thought that it would be a good idea to buy a computer
So that the little lambs would be able to play pacman.

Kids playing with the computer

When they took it home,
the little lambs started playing and they loved it.
They called the computer Pisi and they liked it so much
they were always in a huge queue to play
 and, when one of them finished playing,
he went to the end of the queue to play again.

Also, they treated Pisi very badly,
they pressed the keys down very hard
 and they always played pacman,
Day by day, week by week, month by month.

Pisi was very bored and was becoming angry
 because the little lambs didn’t take any notice
of their daddy and mummy.
They told them that
they needed to press the keys more gently,
with sweetness and love
and that they needed to let Pisi have a rest
every now and then.

Until one day,
when Carnero  and Oveja had laid the table for lunch,
they called the little lambs for lunch but none came;
they called again, and, when none appeared,
they started to look for them.

Because they couldn’t find them,
they started to get worried and worried.

Oveja looked at Pisi
and realized that it was working on its own;
Then, Carnero went closer to the screen
and saw how one of the pacmen ate a little lamb
and put it in a diskette.

A kid playing pacman

In this way,
he realized that in each diskette there was a little lamb,
so he took them all out of their diskettes
 and called a technician to mend Pisi.

The technician said that they had pressed the keys to hard
and that it had been too long working without stopping,
but that it wasn’t serious and he mended Pisi.

And from then on
the little lambs treated Pisi much more gently,
they played Sokoban, chess and lots of other games.
And on top of that they stopped for a while so that it rested.

And they all lived happy ever after and played pacman.


And now…