Metaphysics and physics of space, time, and love

Throughout the history of metaphysics, philosophy, science, and religion have been playing ring-around-the-rosy.

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Author: José Tiberius

Technical assistant:
Susan Sedge, Physics PhD from QMUL



4.Metaphysics and physical reality

4.a) Philosophy, science, and religion

In the realm of metaphysics and philosophy, the duality of the subjective and objective reality can have substantial implications given that, at the heart of it, all we are talking about is the underlying mechanisms of life.

The personal experiences in the temporal speed or the acceleration of time relate intimately to the concepts of life, effort, and love; therefore, belonging to metaphysics.

We are still far from discovering the latest principle of life regarding physics or science. However, if energy is alive in the sense of being a bearer of willpower, freedom, and love in itself, there is no doubt that advances in the knowledge of its behavior and characteristics will bring us closer to the primary and fundamental mechanisms of life.

In any case, even though the mutual influence of science, philosophy, and religion is beneficial, it is undeniable that they should not blend too much.

Throughout history, there is the impression they play ring around the rosy, and in others, the tulip, the gladiolus, and the daisy!


4.b) Time, space, and speed

These concepts of Global Physics relate closely to metaphysics and life - it is hard to imagine life without time.

The perception of time is subjective and even inexistent when we are asleep. It is also a shared legacy of physics and metaphysics.

To avoid subjectivity, communicate, and recognize temporal aspects, we create an abstract concept to measure it independently of the observer. It is the time of clocks.

The main characteristic of this concept is absolute. It does not depend on any external or internal variable of the individual. It is an abstract concept, perhaps it does not even exist in reality, but as a concept, it is absolute and real as life itself.

Together with these classic concepts of subjective and objective time, the relativity appears. The mathematical formulas and the relativistic definition of a second provoke conceptual confusion and loss of intuitive notion.

In short, time should be a monotonous, growing, and continuous function with a unit definition for particular conditions of other physical variables.

Likewise, space is an absolute and abstract concept, and the definition of a meter should change to make it independent of time, gravity, and energy. It should not be so difficult.

However, for various reasons, the current trend is to create spatial dimensions as necessary to fit the mathematical models.


4.c) Acceleration of time

Observing the metaphysical-mathematical game of the Equation of Love and obtaining gravity according to love and energy, the topic changes it. Given that the formula for love can have implications in the science of physics and not being a mere exercise of metaphysics and scientific poetry, as intended at first.

It could be a subjective point of view of the universe. While reading the formula, we realize that acceleration, or even better, the speed of time intervenes, which forms part of the fiction, metaphysics, or subjective reality.

We have already commented on the subjective perception does not affect at all the objective truth.

Precisely, subjective gravity coincides with the objective as long as the personal speed of time coincides with the objective one.

This thought about beings reminds of the following paragraph of the Conditional Evolution of Life:This philosophical approach would assume all beings are living beings. However, we will continue using the standard definition referred only to plants and animals, given that it is a suitable term to speak about genetics.

On the scale of metaphysics, we do not have that problem; we can refer to the subjective character of any object. To the extent that this personal character can mean a real and deliberate change in time or the speed of light, we would have life itself or primary displays of freedom.

We must be careful with the conceptual comprehension of the mathematical formulas since some of them can be more metaphysical than what one could expect.

For example, we can understand the acceleration of time squared in the Equation of Love as:

  • The inverse of the acceleration per meter cubed (s² /m m³)

  • Another alternative could be (kg / N m³), which would be the relation between mass and the force times the unit of three-dimensional space or volume. Moreover, we already know that this relation between the mass and force relates to the speed and acceleration: it is about the concept of global mass or mass at rest plus kinetic mass.

  • Another is (s s/m m³), which we could read as something to with the property of time and speed is added and is joined together with a three-dimensional spatial container.

  • However, it seems that the most reasonable physical interpretation would be that (s²/m²) is the inverse of the and signifies the relation between mass and energy. Also, that the remaining (1/m²) refers to an inverse relation to the G constant of the Equation of Love, that is, that Love times Energy gives us the acceleration of gravity, which is similar to the formula for gravity.

Indeed, if we continue looking, other possibilities will appear.

  • Metaphysics and subjective perception of time

    The Love Equation, in its initial formulation, refers typically to time but equally functions with space and indirectly with the spatial speed and its inverse or temporal speed.

    It would be nice to understand the vision of the subjectivity that brings the acceleration of time to live and the representation of objective reality by the Equation of Love in its aspect of the relationship between force times each kilogram and energy.

    It gives us an idea of the importance of the correct interpretation of the mathematical expressions in which both aspects can be apparent.

    At the same time, it allows the comprehension of the necessary coincidence of the two points of view for any given moment for the physics variables in the study.

We have to admit that we have never understood this part very well!

The following paragraphs are not an argumentation of the speed variability of light or anything of the like. It is just a personal and more or less rational interpretation of the capricious perception of time, given that we cannot directly sense the variation of the speed of light because it is an abstract relational concept.

From the subjective point of view of time, our brain detects when our vital speed changes, and for that reason, we sense the changes in time— what acceleration of time in the Equation of Love may imply is a change in the speed of the light.

This change of vital perception comes from within us; it could even have something to do with the gravitational variations inside the objects and, of course, other possible aspects that are entirely unknown by us and, therefore, belonging to the world of metaphysics.


4.d) A familiar interpretation

From a familiar subjective perspective, we may conclude some exciting ideas, although utterly irrelevant for science and the non-familiar world, such as unfamiliar metaphysics. Nonetheless, as an example of the special relativities and subjectivities, it seems quite reasonable.

On the one hand, from the concept of energy, we have to:

1 Julio = 1 Newton * meter

On the other hand, one Molwick [c/G (1/kg m)] is by tautological definition equal to one Susan. Therefore, dividing by kg and clearing (N /kg) from the equality of the previous section, we are left with:

(N /kg) = N m Mw = Julio * Susan

Moreover, that can only be:

David = Julio * Susan

That is that three children relate through love ☺. Julio is pure energy, David is strong, and Susana, well, I will try it with the poetry of eternal love:








Love poem to Susana
Metaphysical love poetry.

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