Global Physics

  • The pleasure of thinking and writing

    of the second edition of the metaphysics book, the Equation of Love, was slightly more ambitious than the first one. The process of investigation allowed the critics to present physical science as if it were more concrete, more technical. A new theory appeared with its experiments and reinterpretations of classical experiments.

    We hope that it is a pleasure to read and consider the seriousness and technical complexity of Modern Physics, especially with concepts related to Relativistic Physics, this book has a more informal style than in other digital books of scientific content.

    In this sense, the intention is that the readers continue reading the different contents, although they may not understand one or several paragraphs, they may still enjoy it. We would not have understood them either without having prepared before, but this preparation was enjoyable. Perhaps at the end, the readers will see that they understand more than they thought they would.

    However, while the third virtual editing or second structural change has increased the time invested in this branch of science, the style becomes more formal for each one of the seven parts or full books online and their corresponding free PDF books to download, in which the first metaphysics book has evolved.

    It is possible that the terminology is not the most appropriate but since the mathematical formula of the Equation of Love occurred while thinking that particular subject, what parameters would this formula have in the case of existence? There is no need to resign to its name. If it were two or three hundred years ago, perhaps it would change to “the acceleration of time,” and it would mention that “I thought of it while I was eating a pink apple while watching Ángela, the only star of my universe.”

    On the other hand, this denomination remarks the metaphysical character of the current book of The Equation of Love. In a sense, it tries to deepen the concepts within philosophy; although it is probable that it has an interpretation of time within the world of the laws of physical sciences that resembles other scientific theories. The actual Equation of Love, despite its name, could have stimulating interpretations from the new paradigm of the Modern Physics developed in the other books of the Global Physics.

    It has been a pleasure writing the book on the Equation of Love because aside from the mentioned ideas, it incorporates a terminology that a friend described, a long time ago, as scientific poetry. That is what friends are for; he was not going to say, in his improbable and hypothetical case, that it was worthless prose.

    In successive editings, five books separated from the original book of the Equation of Love. The new books have a scientific character because they propose new logical interpretations of well-known experiments and innovative physics experiments to demonstrate Global Physics and at the same time to partially refute the Theory of Relativity.