The Fairy Doctor and the Little Girl. Fairy tales for kids

This fairy tale for children is a true story of a little girl cured of a mild problem by a fairy doctor in her eyes.

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Author: José Tiberius




Even though it is not really a fairy tale it is undeniable that for the little girl the doctor has all the characteristics of a good fairy. One could also say that it is an adventure story, because for the protagonist the visit to the doctor had a lot of emotion.

Because it is based on a true story it is a quite personalized story in its origin. In any case, the tales or stories of adventure should be personalized to facilitate the identification of the children with the characters and to stimulate their imagination.

In this fairy tale, the personalization can be very simple, because all children go to the doctor’s and sooner or later something happens that is out of the ordinary.

This fairy tale for children easily describes the social function of doctors and nurses.

It is a good idea to give confidence to a sick child en relation to doctors and nurses, because it will alleviate the normal tension associated to health problems. Also, it will reinforce the idea of social behavior in small children; that is to say, not only their near family look after them but that there exits a society in which people help each other.

The fact that the reality is perceived like a fairy story helps the little children to interpret it inside their great world.



By Caroline Sedgwick

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called ~~~Susana;
~and she was a very good girl
~and she was very pretty
~and she was very clever;
~and her mummy ~and daddy loved her ~~~very much.

~and one day, Susana, started limping,
she couldn’t walk properly,
~and her leg hurt
~and her mummy ~and daddy were very worried,
because they didn’t know how it had happened,
or why it had happened or when it had happened.

Girl with good fairy dress

So they decided to take her to ~~~ the fairy doctor.
So they got into the car ~and they drove out of the garage
~and they drove to the fairy doctor’s surgery
~and when they got there
they sat in the waiting room for a while,
waiting for the fairy doctor to come out.

~And when she came out she said:
hello Susana ~and what’s the matter with you?
~and Susana said: “oh, doctor, my leg hurts,
~and I can’t walk properly

~and the doctor said:
well come into my office
~and lie down on the bed.

~And we’ll see what we can do”.

So Susana lay down on the bed
~and the fairy doctor started to feel her left leg
(massage, massage, prod, prod)
~and she worked her way from the thigh right down
to the foot ~and up again
~and then she said: “no, that’s not the leg, it must be the other leg
~And she went to the right leg
~and she worked her way from the thigh right down
to the foot ~and up again
~and then she said:
I know what the problem is,
the problem is ~~~ the knee

~and so she went fiddle, fiddle, fiddle,
prod, prod, prod,
massage, massage, massage.

~~~~~~ CLICK
~And Susana: “doctor, doctor, my leg doesn’t hurt anymore
~and the fairy doctor said:
get down off the bed ~and walk across the room

~and Susana walked across the room ~and she didn’t limp
~and she rushed over to the fairy doctor
and she gave her a big kiss
~and she said: “doctor, doctor, thank you for making my leg all better

~And the magic doctor said:
it was a pleasure, come back any time”.
~and Susana ~and her mummy ~and her daddy
got back  in the car ~and they drove home
~and when they got home Susana had a lovely warm bath
~and got into her lovely warm pyjamas
~and she had some lovely warm supper.

~And then, she practiced walking,
~and she walked from the telly to the sofa
~and from the computer to the dining room table
~and her leg didn’t hurt
~and she could walk properly
~and then she went to bed
~and she went straight to sleep because she was very tired
~and it had been a very long day
~and that’s the end of the story
~and they all lived happily ever after.


~~~~~~~And now…