1.a) Theory of unification and theory of everything

The most relevant characteristics of the 2nd edition of the book The Equation of Love were the expanding on the initial ideas and the modification or elimination of the imprecise or erroneous elements that accompanied my ruminations about how badly relativistic physics is explained. Now in the fifth edition, the intention is to place the various contents, problems, and points of view about the main concepts of Global Physics, the theory of unification and theory of everything into different books, including the concept of physics itself.

This way the following thoughts about the new theory of unification and theory of everything (TOE) are structured more clearly:

  • The realm of metaphysics

  • Criticism of the ideas established by Einstein’s Relativity

  • The new physical principles regarding concepts of matter, gravity, electromagnetism and the mass in Particle physics

  • New ideas about Astrophysics and Cosmology

  • The new physical principles in the theory of movement and energy

  • The scientific experiments supporting the new paradigm of Global Physics

The bottom line, despite everything, is still pretty much the same; that is, to set out the need to change specific concepts and ways of understanding reality. Recognizing the wisdom of Modern Physics, precisely that of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics; revealing their contradictions –their own, as well as crossed contradictions– and proposing alternative solutions, not only with a theory of unification but with a theory of everything within the scientific method framework.

From another perspective, it is essential to make it clear that, to talk about Quantum Mechanics, Theory of Relativity or theory of everything, it is not necessary to be a mathematical genius or to know about tensors. Since, to talk about evolution it is not necessary to know about molecular biology, or have studied in university to be able to talk about philosophy, or to discuss religion to know Latin.

We include below a summary of the books about Global Physics as a new theory of everything.

A theory of everything By The Little Molwick (English)

This division is due to numerous reasons such as metaphysical or scientific experimental character, mathematical difficulty, the subject dealt with, and presentation on the Internet.

  • The Equation of Love

    This first book about the new theory of everything (TOE) combines perspectives of modern science and metaphysics; besides the introduction about the relativity of love, there are two titles dedicated to time and the Love Equation and gravity, respectively.

    Title II discusses the different definitions of time, emphasizing the subjective origin of the concept and the never-ending attempts to obtain its common and objective idea.

    There is a brief discussion about the new concept used by the physical sciences and, more thoroughly, the personal conception of metaphysical time and the timeline as something real and subjective in contrast to the imaginary nature of time in Modern Physics.

    Title III focuses on the Equation of Love, Newton’s gravity and its interrelations with Modern Physics and, in particular, with Einstein’s equation of the mass-energy equivalence.

    • The first section debates regarding General Physics the mathematical formula for the Equation of Love and its significance.

    • The second section develops the equation of subjective gravity from the previous formula and discusses its significance apropos Global Metaphysics.

    In other words, the new theory attempts to restore the correct duality of subjective and objective reality to the realm of philosophy, separating them from other, let us say, imaginary realities. It is not to say that imaginary realities are entirely incorrect, but they do not correspond to the standard and more straightforward form of the operation of human logic and, as an epistemological result, of the scientific method.

    The imaginary solutions can have somewhat medium to long-term counterproductive effects since they impede the reasoning of the real mechanisms by concealing them behind a veil of a partial, typically ad hoc, solution, even though without recognizing it.

    The book ends with a quick recapitulation about philosophy, science, and religion, given that the formulas allow us to develop various interpretations from different –especially from the objective and subjective– points of view, helping our mind to understand the global model better.

    Sir Magicwick
    Enlightenment of Sir Magicwick

    Possible approaches of enlightenment expose the content of an interpretation of the formulas from a familiar point of view.

    Recently Sir Magicwick received a hot text message from the nebulous Carina that we repeat because it is amusing and because it has something to do with Classic Physics and the new studied equation:

    “The sky called me telling me
    that they are looking for an angel,
     but don’t worry,
     I didn’t betray you”

    In order to make the reader participate, the riddle about gravity has a marked intuitive character. Nonetheless, the answer appears before the reader can think and end up confirming his unfounded suspicions.

  • Theory of Relativity, Elements, and Criticism

    As expected, the book contains an analysis of the historical context and the misleading causalities that led to the acceptance of the Theory of Relativity.

    Afterwards, the postulates and fundamental principles, along with their corresponding scientific and philosophical critiques, are also included in the book.

    This book argues the misconceptions and misinterpretations of the numerous experiments, which aim to prove the Theory of Relativity, especially the thought experiments that do not correspond with reality. Scientists quote experiments that are not experiments due to the lack of real experiments.

    Finally, we will find a section about Einstein’s General Relativity and its bipolar relation with Special Relativity, as it complements and contradicts it with an impossible simultaneity in such a way that contradicting both of them at the same time seems impossible.

  • Global Mechanics

    Among the aspects of the theory of everything in Global Mechanics that stand out the most, we can cite the following:

    Gravitational Law of Equivalence
    g = [ c² * h * R / G ] * n

    Moreover, Global Physics implies not only a Grand Unification Theory (GUT) but also a theory of everything (TOE) when adding the gravitational force to the previous unification. The idea of Global Physics comes from the perspective that the new physics principles refute both Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics logic.

  • Astrophysics and Global Cosmology

    After developing the Global Mechanics to explain in an alternative way the predictions of General Relativity and beginning to see a theory of everything, we considered studying the possible implications of the new theory of the sciences of Astrophysics, Astronomy, and Cosmology.

    In this book about the theory of everything there are two main parts:

  • Physics and Global Dynamics

    In this book, the new theory of everything concerns the second group of principles of physics, the movement of the reticular structure of matter or Global Aether, with total symmetry or with the longitudinal curvature of gravitational field, or transversal tension of electromagnetic energy.

    The scope of Newton’s Laws of Dynamics changes with the new concepts of mass, movement, and strength in the new theory of everything (TOE).

  • The Law of Global Gravity

    The intention is to include constructively the proposed ideas by the new theory of everything (TOE), on problems of gravitational energy and movement with gravity, although there are suitable comparisons.

    The previous points entail alterations to Newton’s Universal Gravitational Law, explaining the components of the atractis causa and the consequences of gravitational energy on movement in the new theory of everything (TOE).

    Before studying potential, kinetic and mechanic gravitational energies, Global Physics is formally presented, naming and discussing physical laws it states, affected or involved physical principals and the most important and immediate consequences on movement.

  • Scientific experiments in Global Physics

    We suggest new and feasible experiments to demonstrate the inaccuracy of Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, especially the Far Michelson-Morley.

    The design of these new physics experiments on the theory of unification and theory of everything implies a different understanding of nature. Global Physics is a scientific theory that puts forth a new non-relativistic paradigm.


    * * *

Lastly, the book on the Global Scientific Method tries to understand why so many scientific theories are so weak and to reveal the need for new scientific paradigms.

In the case of physics, to optimize brain resources, it would be helpful to eliminate fictitious forces, magical or distant forces such as gravity, negative energies, straight and simultaneously curved lines, and accelerated time. The same applies to confusion between magnitude and measurements that instruments carry out, especially when the instruments are sensitive to specific conditions.


* * *